this weekend

though we were given two weeks to finish the final C++ programming assignments, it took me to make it (start &) complete on the last day itself. Our bad luck popped up, when our professor had already checked the programs of  a guy, who being mr. nice, had submitted the programs well before the last day ( & some were wrong / not running). the same programs ran all thourgh the network and same failed when everybody was taken aback by surprise. (nobody had run them atleast a time!) Anyways, typing the programs taken in the lectures helped and I was able to show about 30 extra programs (which everybody had on their emails!)

later saw, two marathi classics, इथे ओशाळला मृत्यू .. – this is  a classic on the life of the Great Sambhaji Maharaaj, 

 घाशीराम कोतवाल  –this is a semi-historical and semi fictional work on the life of Brahmins during the rule of Peshwas, yet to be finished.


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