Google profiles – a Facebook, Orkut killer application?

Just visited and saw it had many similarities like Facebook, though Google also owns Orkut, its own social networking website.

The options weren’t that Facebook’ish however, its quite possible for friends to search and get your data ( contact info, current location, your websites, blogs and etc etc.. ) as your Google search must be returning the “first result” as the Google profile, might be!

Anyways, I have had Googled myself many a times, landing up everytime, on the Facebook profile of me & friends already on my network! Atleast Google profiles, could rather divert trafiic from one time searches – people who don’t want to be on so called Socail sites, to the Google profiles.

Windows live has also emerged from the wings of Microsoft, with resources clubbed to a great capacity – 25 GB of space for a windows live account – option called SkyDrive to store and distribute data , with hotmail account now serving a huge 5 GB mailbox/ account capacity. Then MSN has many services like Google (on the lines of Picasa, Blogger, etc after you create a Live account) , but they are still far behind in the race.

And Facebook is still, here to stay!


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