missing music

somewhere around the last week gave my laptop to a friend for his CCNP tutorials/ practice. Since then, I am missing the daily dose of music (of atleast an hour or so) mostly Rahman songs ( Rangeela, RDB, Lagaan, JTYJN, Ghajini, Yuvraaj, Delhi 6, etc etc) SEL (Shankar Ehsaan  Loy- DCH, TZP) , Vishal Shekhar’s  tracks, marathi melodies and some of English Rock and Pop songs.

That might be a reason of losing some good sleep after having such a great dose. anyhow, on Friday, after watching the movie, which has been earlier reviewed (here –Mee Shivaji Raje Bhosale boltoy), had a hand on Tabla for few moments, which is the only muscial instrument with me.

The hands feel to be blocked after I attain some speed and the “spell” which is byheart (memorized already) comes into words from the mouth, but the hands cannot match it. May be it has to do something with the practice (riyaaz). A cousin has given me some names, for learning tabla from the given names and we haven’t met after I got the repaired instrument!

Second sem is near, and studies incomplete. have to read more and work hard on coding!


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