Hate politics is back into play again!

with no major issues into the political match being played by the in-numerable parties for gathering their seats into the great hall of Indian parliament, the “hate” politics has emerged as a winner after the promises of 2 and 3 Rs /kg of Rice. Bribing, isn’t it?

The first over (incidence) in this  match was bowled by Varun Gandhi who took a rebel stand against the minorities as per Lalu Prasad Yadavji.  Its his batting time now, so  he gives a comment that he would have run a bulldozer over Varun Gandhi for his alledged remarks. Now a FIR has been lodged against Lalu for his comments, he agian dares Govt. for putting him in Jail. Is Madhur Bhandarkar shooting there, he might get a whole new set of actors in his forthcoming project!

some say, Sanjay Gandhi is back!

In the meanwhile, if congress speaks of terrorism, what about Afzal Guru, BJP asks? and in between of the ego tussles of the two majors, there have been n number of regional parties being formed and will be contesting and much to the disinterest of these national parties, grab numerous votes!

Links from Hindustan times and Frontline magazine.


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