No remakes please.

Hollywood’s Warner Bros have warned Indian producers, not to copy the theme & masala of their spicy filck The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

News link here

The news was that Vipul shah was already making one on the same story line called as “action replay” with Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai in the lead were doing rounds, but he has replied that the film’s concept was based on a Gujrati theatre play with the same name.

Meanwhile, Ek – the power on one has come and went away without being noticed. Actually everybody now wants to repeat the magic of creating a blockbuster like Ghajini, to earn chunks of Crores in this period, while copying southern Masala flicks with desi maardhaad!

BTW, I had also commented on Aamir Khan’s blog sometime after watching The Bourne Ultimatum(TBU), that it would be nice if he made it with self in lead. Then came Ghajini, while the concept of Bourne was much flawless, as the character was depicted with most details and to perfection, the character Aamir plays – Sanjay Singhania’s dairy couldn’t reveal his troubles more in depth as compared to the physical and mental frustration of Jason Bourne!

Its just that like, concept does come in one liner, but to make a gripping and always hit formula movie, it must have something very foolproof. Atleast Ghajini has nothing in it to be watched twice, whereas even the camera handling concept in TBU – the way the camera moves every sec in the movie, making it a must to concentrate every sec for the viewer, made it a superhit on the first watch!


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