time cycle & the wonders it creates!

the way in which we  live today if compared to the way a generation before say 100 years, then i think we would like the “less” rush factor but would be completely bowled up by the slower terms of life.

arrgh… this the same feeling i get, when i visit the native places. the pase of the daily life, though the start very much early and have a lunch say in the 10 at morning and go to work late.. there are no time tables or read local buses/ trains missing by a part of a second. and they do not care, even if they miss one, just wait patiently for the second way, say after an hour or so!

then, the other factors of our daily lives, entertainment! music was in the form of gramophones and movies were dumb or the people liked to play deaf! again, that would irk, (atleast me!).. a guy like me, say if likes to hear a song again and again, without a noise in between or without a gap in the words, would have had headaches, while trying to adjust that heavy discs!

also, movies with the subtitles, aren’t that catchy! I have seen some of the Charlie Chaplin movies, but haven’t found them attractive!

Then, the customs the old guys followed. It would have been rather too hard for me to abide by the rules and regulations, of that period. The brahmins and their age-old rituals, which have been washed away, by the efforts of innumerable leaders of the freedom fight!

Again, the way of living nad the customs, would have type-casted me and the out-of-box thinking would had to have been compromised! how moronic!

suddenly, I am feeling a liitle better, as the thoughts evolve to be brought in this century and particularily, the last two decades.

The rituals and customs, though, not being followed, now – days, or if it just looks so, were present before 4-5 decades. The example that strikes to my mind is of my mom, who was denied to be a lecturer, by her family and her 500+ certificates were burned, the next day, she had finished her college!

If she had been a lecturer, the story might have been totally different i guess. Nothing always is completely comes in the front of our eyes, so i am yet to know why, an educated grandpa, denied her a golden opportunity after her Master’s!


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