half life test!



Yes, again into new year. Crossed 26 year mark yesterday and now into 27. think thats a half way mark for our generation, so time to gear up and work hard.

It feels like the first innings of the match is over, must like our test match today with NZ @ wellington!  Or like a whistle blown after the first half of the football or hockey match!

time passes so fasst, we are always there to catch up with it! the on going economic downturn and crisis, the tensions of it (if taken) will also “age” us fast!

took a test @ www.realage.com and found out that my real age was about 4.5 years ahead of the recorded one! after reading the article of the same covered for Barack Obama, though he is ageing fast as per them!

Anyways, would like to thank God, for the kindness he has shown to me & will request Him to be kind like this always!

Yesterday, we have had some cakes in the dept., then in the evng @ master’s place, those bought by a friend n ex-roomie! So enjoyed a lot!

The questions about marriage are again re-surfacing and the answers to my second sem assignments are yet to be found, for some questions!


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