last 2 weeks

last 2 weeks have seen the “dumbest” of movie releases for bollywood. Leave aside watching them after seeing their trailors alone, as none of them has enough to attract you.

Count these :

Gulaal, 13B (though there is news that this has been selected for a Hollywood remake!), Aa Dekhen Zara, Jai Veeru ( this was so dumb, I couldn’t even watch after first 10 minutes!) – Select & SHFT DELETE!

Then, there Dhoondte reh Jaoge – publicity for this movie was good, but this movie is the one from the above bunch. While it was being promoted as a comedy, the viewers have to be patient till the  end for some laughter! Its silly to waste 3 hrs for 3 mins of laughter! shuh! And the end is also typical “fily shtyle”!

Then there is Straight.. must be a typical style of Vinay Pathak movies, aloo chaat.. Aftaab restarts his career after a shut down in between!

Then there is Firaaq… these fail to attract to the theatres though!

Then got Outlander from a friend… remembered a typical southie film of Chiru ( Chiranjeevi) which I had seen while travelling to Vidarbha, difference only was there was a monster in outlander & a tiger in Chiru’s film!


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