Review : The curious case of Benjamin Button

Review : The curious case of Benjamin Button



Benjamin’s wife, Daisy, is on the verge of death and asks her daughter to read the dairy kept in a bag. The story comes onto the screen :

Movie starts somewhere in the first decade of the 19th century. There is a blind clock maker. He looses his son in war and decides to change the direction of time in the opposite direction, to get all the sons lost in the war back! And, accordingly creates a clock in the city’s tower running backways. After which he abandons everything and leaves through the sea route.

Benjamin born just  after this newly invented clock, is born as if an old “80 year” boy on his first day. His mother soon dies, after giving him birth and his father upon seeing him, decides to abandon this ill fated child in front of an old age home looked after by Queenie, who gives the child his name : Benjamin and they develop a bond of a mother & child soon.

He starts his life with Daisy, who is a normal girl and both seem to have the same age feelings. Then there are affairs, wars & family drama all in between the ages where Daisy is groing older & Benjamin, younger!

The story’s weakness lies in the characterisation of Benjamin, he seems to have just the body of the guy in the 80’s and becomes younger day by day & not the mentality of the age he is into! He seems to have the same feelings Daisy has, but rather that would have been made diametrically opposite!! It is simpy amazing why nobody has thought on this matter!

Acting is good from all the leads, especially, Brad Pitt & Cate Blanchett. The movie looses its speed somewhere in between and gains the momentum after Benjamin becomes younger, again a big story on hand (80 Years to 2-3 hrs!), with too less time, so the director cuts the story in some parts.

The scenes amazingly picturised :
(1) The way in which Benjamin learns piano and later looses his knowledge due to dementia,
(2) The way in which as children, we are put into some limits, the same way Benjamin, is! He is told never to cross the walls and nearby roads, and he does it one day!
(2) the scene where the old (about 75 yrs old) Brad starts walking while a father prays for him, soon stumbles and falls and then again walks without anybodys help and later the Father in the church with the huge madness and happiness to see the oldie walk without any support, dies on the same stage with a heart failure!

Well, This movie has created records for OSCAR nominations, not due to its wins, number of nominations and winning very less!


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  1. cello85 says:

    Thanks for sheding some light on this film, I always meant to catch it in theaters but time escaped me, will have to curl up and watch this one on dvd. You made me anticipate it even more, great post!

    1. shekharonline says:

      saw ur site, its great! thanks for your comment! its recession @ doorstep, so we have to rely more n DVD’s noW!

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