finally it ends!

the (company) fun club’s quiz event was finally successfully completed. now some of the internal assignments of MCA are still due.  waiting for the exams to happen and get over again. hahh!

got to know the other side of me. while i was this time, in the backseat, still was tense!

in the diploma first year of the college, i with a friend attended the annual gathering, where a quiz event was also hosted and we won!

In the next year, i was asked to conduct the same event as a host!

so, it was like, two of the three dimensions completed. so the final turn came & I was to handle the presentations of the quiz competition from back. I was happy if somebody gave the answers correct, sorry if somebody got a -ve marking!

and around most of the times, was tense like the contestants! surely miss teh excitement factor again, though!


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