marketing follows GOD & God follows ’em!

suddenly, got through an article from, (here) The reporter has listed down a lists of websites like below ones who will pray for you, if you wish and contact them. &

Then there are athiests too joining the race with the thiests, or the believers of the God, using their own website – God is Imaginary 

The networking carrying these wires may be feeling the heat. As some are very very good followers of reliegion’s, some hate the name of God. Some consider it personal & private, trying not to disturb others views, some do not consider others views!

This goes on & on and there are another set of humans after 50 more years, who still fight on the same debate again and again!

SOme call Him Rama, Some Krishna and some Dutta! Some Allah & some Christ, though is always the same. A divine manifestation in a human form always there for your service.

He also intercepts our life, in the form of his Divine followrs coming on the earthen soil as Siants! they fill up the atmosphere with his fragrance and He comes into your hearts with the air you breathe!

Think of him or not, He will still be there. Somebody says, Sun only prevails in the morning, where he is @ the night, but the moon is. That’s the answer, even moon reflects, Sunlight!


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