IITians into politics



there was a news 2 days back that the party formed by the ex-IITians will contest Loksabha elections this time!

Seems a great effort, by the young guns of India  (call it Bharatvarsha!). Hope they will contest maximum seats this time and get into Parliament house for changing the direction of the “illusion-ed” political arena.

Mostly, youngsters will be no doubt, attracted towards this party. Hope they sail through the hard times, for our bright future. Its a positive step by these guys, who have taken the responsibility to change the “corrupt” & “blind” system which is emerging these days due to our let it be – ” chalta hain” attitude (always !)

If we want a change, we should be ready to  be a part of the change!

Unless we take a part in the voting process, we cannot decide/ blame the “winning” candidates later on. sometimes, a qualifying and good candidate can alos loose to a goon due to some hundred votes and that non-eligible person, who still qualifies, to be in the Parliament, though he is into “jails” enjoys, the benefits, without having the position which is required.

India, seems to have grown up as a democracy, but still needs to have an “upgrade” in it terminologies. We have the Gram panchayats, the toen & city Municipalities & Municiapl corporations, then there are many state and their state assemblies. and a Central goevrnment @ the top. The Hon. President is the highest post, however, with no special powers! How can change occur, as all the panchayats, assemblies & loksabha are still having the oldies?


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