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Jesus appeared on a Cushion

The people in thousands visited the Church, where they assumed Jesus had arrived on a cushion (cover) . This reminds me of my childhood days, during that period, a rumor sighting every Ganesha idol was drinking whatever people brought in front of it. Everybody ran to the nearby temple that day and this event was an instant hit!

Suddenly, people who had never visited a temple in many weeks, or years gathered in the queue’s outside the temple and there was a huge rush everywhere.

Everybody was holding a cup of water or milk or some juice to him/herself feed the Lord with a spoon. Everybody was taking the spoon to the trunk (सोंड) of the idol and having the feeling of spoon feeding the Lord with own hands. While we were and are of the thoughts that a tedious process takes us towards God ( say devoting a period of life – a tapa  – 12 years) that day, suddenly everybody had the inverse effect, having Lord Ganesha in front of them consuming whatever they offered without doing any such things from karma kanda (religious deeds over a span of time).

The same  feeling might have caught the attention yesterday with the believers/ followers of God, visiting the church with a great excitement.

This shows that still today, even if He isn’t there in any physical forms ( read, human ) there a millions ( may be Billions) who still believe He is in there own surroundings and has visited them, unknowingly and this is what they think to have known.


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