C drives into Love region again


While C entered into the classroom, his sight fell on the deep black eyes of a girl sitting in the corner. He thought he was in heavens and thought an angel  had just landed from the moon.

With the Lectures of computer networks, Oracle and C++ were going on, he lokked at her again and again, and she did that too! While unknowlingly why he was so attracted towards her, he also couldn’t understand the meaning for her glancing at him again and again. Was she intersted too? was his question.

Both were and are unkown to each other though. Humans do feel heavenly while they are into their most admired & most required part of their lives, Love. In every age we grow with love of many beings around who teach us to love. But being so young is different. Every small thing gets a hell lot fo attention and we are into it…

The next day she sat behind C and he started getting shivers if somebody asked him things which very exciting and he didn’t knew of the answers. Ghalib sher speaks for his position

ishq  ne ‘GHalib’ nikamma kar diya |
warna ham bhee aadmee the; kaam ke ||

Finally C thinks he is being tempted and tested by time to think in that direction though he doesn’t like to get involved in somebody who is still a stranger. He still is awaiting for time to give more clues.


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