Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.


I am bowled over by the songs of this movie. Initially, I was glued to only song of this movie- Sajnaji vaari vaari.

But not now.

Pyaar ki yeh Kahani suno 😉 : definitely developing into one of my favorites. Not to forget, Minnisha Lamba & Abhay Deol doing Salsa on this song. I initially used to fast fwd this song, but now liking it too much. I have heard it many a times yesterday and it is growing to one of all time favorites.

Halke Halke : liked it for its different style and tune. Sung nicely by Neeraj Sridhar of Bombay Vikings fame)

Again – Halke Halke – remixed – one – I like this more than the original one.

Albela Albela – nice one too, brings variations like RD Burman once did…

Initially thought that HTPL music was of Shankar Ehsaan Loy, but again bowled… as SEL compose most of the times for Farhan Akhtar productions. But this time it was Vishal Shekhar.

Vishal is also a part of Rock Group ; Pentagram.


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