Excitement … again!

I had lost this feeling of excitement somehow for last few years. The same feeling which appeared while attempting the first board exams – SSC & then later in HSC. Though I haven’t had much interested in studies in the Diploma, still this factor was there too!

While doing Compapps, suddenly, with a huge gap in between I had lost this somehow, somewhere. It again arose while waiting and watching some movies, which I have waited for (JTYJN, Delhi6, DevD,etc – recent examples, Harry Potter series, Lord of the Ring series, etc).

Today, it aroses again, while I am still in backstage of the company’s fun club – Quiz event, but still its there!

Excited & bouncing the electrons, with loads of energy. The same feeling they have felt while loosing there bloody boring stage of  being “Ground”ed.

This had been also there last week, while a friend was getting a few offers for marriages & I was matching his Janam Patrika’s with those of the girls  (the birth charts of the bride & groom) . One matched & one not, so got excited , whether both will choose each other or not. This feeling is so superb, that it takes you with itself & your ride on its waves, until it crashes on the shores of reality. Arrgh!

but the excitement came afloat again, when gals around me asked for my marriage instance, while matching the friend’s! and dreams surrounded me again, in day too! 🙂


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  1. shekharonline says:

    well the first day was good 🙂 all 6 teams did well. hope that this quiz ends on a high! Well begun is half done, so it looks like this is going to get carried away with nice results.

    I am quite an introvert, looks like this quizzing is getting me into some kinda extrovert!

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