to sakha


the world is an absolutely amazing place to be fooled! we are here to stay, uite for a long time >50 (if lucky) & <100 yrs (if luck favours your health more) ! That day hada thought of why we have be given so much of years to fool around, seeing a dog pass by. (btw, dogs live around say 10 years, as i learned it sometime in school)

we see, learn and think that we have adapted to these conditions and so become fooled and confused behaving as if we have mastered the art of living. the birth place of all the highest level of thoughts has been here, but we still help ourselves to forget, nothing is permanent and seek happiness in ever diminishing lives. happiness though is momentous!

seeking happiness takes hell out of us, as for a few moments of happiness we strive hard for years and leave a sigh of releif when it is attained. but, as drugs do, happiness creates a habit and again we are into rush to gather it again.

we engage ourselves into n number of activities, just for the sake of passtime so as the time passes without crating a headache. we pretend what we want to be but nevertheless strive less to attain it and always make excuses to why we are not at a position which we had ever dreamt of!

being a master of other individual is none the less an easier job, but mastering self is an “everest” level task very very few people attempt for it, many die in between and very very very few achieve the feat. dreaming though is the main part, as the people on land never dreamt of it, they pass on the same grounds, some pass on the middle levels, some on the peak’s.

creating such dreams is such a heavy tasks, as we “humans” never like to cater to thoughts which resist our normal flow of routine and its unlikely to engage in an activity if you are already booked for xyz hours of your 24 hours of daily dose. so, there are ample opportunities of passtimes available in market for the sake of this time, for which was to be used in self appraisal!

if you are working for somebody, he takes time in a year to check what have you accomplished of the given tasks in the certain time framework. I want dare ask to self  (better if : on routine basis) – have you ever thought of what was ur goal and where have been on the path, if you had dreamt of following ’em?




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