The Bourne Ultimatum – come alone….

bourne poster


I wasn’t a fan of this trilogy but a colleague took me to the final part of the series written by Robert Lodlum.

Excellent Narrative, Supreb Direction, Great sounds and no time to think while you watch this movie. I had not seen any Bourne movies before, but this movie made me think to do so. So got a DVD from the market, saw them again, now in sequence. The story though was known as I had already read them online from wikipedia.

Matt Damon excels in his acting and so does Julia Stiles.

The credits song  by Moby is now one of my favourites.

Seen this movie again and again, and now think, why Ghajini couldn’t make an impact more…. Ghajini had loopholes on how Sanjay Shrivastava tracks the killer Ghajini. Though a hard core Aamir fan, I did wish, there was some logic in it. But the killings shown in Ghajini are too violent and Ramadoss repeats the Southie version tacts here too.. This is just a primary obeservation while Surya’s ghajini pics were compared with Aamir’s on in a slideshow.

Eagerly awaiting now for the 4th part of the Bourne series.


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