Billu Barber review

Billu Barber offers no entertainment, if you have already seen the DVD of SRK Story (Shahrukh Khan Story – Inside & Outside) , it covered the life of SRK while he was doing his Temptations tour somewhere around 3-4 years back.

SRK must have tought it was a good idea, to make this film with the same concept just adding the common man – Billu played by Irrfan Khan in the story.

The plot isn’t new, nor SRK who plays the superstar Sahir Khan (again sort of having a “SRK” in it).

The songs are boring, so are the dialogues and the story… all seams to be tooo stretchhhhed … If I had a FF (fast forward) button I would have watched this without the songs and would have ended up fast.

This movie must have earned loads of money just coz no gud movies are being released now as its exam time and also hasn’t got a competition yet.

Yet it ends as another attempt after RBNDJ to bring a common man into focus again, Rab ne was much better ahed in comparison.


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