Trick of Mind by Derren Brown

Tricks of Mind, mind control – by Derren Brown


mind control Derren Brown

Indians should have a series like this. Thsi was being broadcasted on Channel 4 of UK. Its a great show by Derren Brown. I am in complete awe by his tricks.

a few trciks of his have been listed below…

-> a call comes to a phone booth. the one who receives the call goes down sleeping in just a few seconds!

-> derren asks the participants to count something in their minds & guesses the numbers!

-> the number of fingers u secretly have chosen secretly..

-> guessing the person’s money in the wallet with about a GBP/ US$ difference.
(This was something I liked much !)

-> The first episode gave an idea… He takes a cab to London eye & in two-three sentences, the cabbie forgets while actually driving besides it! this trick he further explores in the last few episodes to trick people in a local train while they forget their destinations…

The interesting part was though, he used to get his thumb on the Agnya chakra – on of the six the chakra’s ; which symbolises your mind & attention ; to let the people out of his trick & they remembe r that thing at the same instant.

->one episode gave an idea of Derren attempting to find a personal item of an individual which was kept secret by the individual in an undisclosed place & the task was to find the item within a few hours (1.30 to 2 Hours) which he does it with some time extra. The trick was derren used the signals for direction by using the individual’s wrist.

This trick was done before a few centuries and the king was stunned after the trick was successful at that

-> the last but not the least….

one of the episodes had two deadly techniques, so scary, i could not sleep in the same night.

The Sun is hidden by Derren Brown.
In the first trick, he asked the volunteer to sleep at 4 pm and whilst sleeping he did draw a few circles on the ground and rubbed them off.. while the volunter was asked to woke up at about 2-3 am of the next day… He was scared to find no SUN & felt that the SUN was LOST!!!

Manipulating Dreams

In the other, Derren Brown asks the volunteer not to sleep whole night of the previous day. After taking him to an unknown location to him, Derren flashes some images fast in front of his eyes on the screen,  and asks him to chnage & sleep. In the room, the volunteer sleeps, he asks the volunteer  to wake up while he is sleeping, observing that his moving eyes, the volunteer is having dreams…

Derren asks to the volunteer what he saw in the dreams, and the same things come right, which has been predicted by Derren on a wite board, behind a screen.

Then Derren asks him to sleep to complete his dreams. Suddenly, two short people come into the room, take a wall off & the set has a garden with some sheep & an old lady with a respirator and a saline. As is she is into her last few hours. The volunteer wakes up after Derren whistles and sees that his dreams are true!!!

The next day he wakes up to find that what he saw dreaming was actually manipulated, while he inspects his socks have become wet due to his walk in the night.


Must Watch!!!!!!


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