Shekhar learns to rock! (again)

Finally after being forced to; (rather than convinced to) I have started learning tabla again. Had gone to Naik Musicals, a well known name of tabla makers in Pune. Da wants me to have a degree in tabla too! and to practise it and play professionally on stage. How scaring…..

I had learned it for a long duration.. say abot 3-3.5 yrs and suddenly left it as my interests shifted (eloped – evaporated) elsewhere (nowhere) after mom passed away. Suddenly in the middle 3-4 years I was nowhere.

Lets C how the progress go far. BTW I called up & also visited, my previous master in Music, but in vain. Master has shifted to a new house. He had called me for his marriage, but as far as the phase I was in I didn’t care where I was going upto. I stayed away from everybody for quite sometime, which amuses me of the condition I am now due to previous misdoings..

Somehow, his bro was there and got his number and contacted him. Will check on sunday  if Master still wants to teach me & make me into somebody special. He used to say, my hands sound good and can create “magik” if I did practise well at that time.. about 7-8 years ago.

Lets hope, Magik hasn’t faded.


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