new trend in Bollywood releases!

A new trend appears to be taking grip with bollywood releases post Rab ne bana di jodi…. Tie’ing up with all big multiplexes / cinepluxes which usually have 3-4+ screens with maximum screens screening the newly released movie.

RNBDJ had about 24-30 shows in some of the multiplexses here ebfore Ghajini came on and it also had the same number of screens, then came DevD, Luck by Chance, Billu (barber) & Delhi 6 !

some of the benefits are :

1. The producers can recover their money very fast. The number of bookings can grow as the viewers want to see the movie asap.

2. Viewers/ movie goers are happy, as they can see the movie as it rleeases in the first week. may be they cannot catch it up in the preferred multiplex but still the “increased” number of shows “increases” the probability!

3. The cinema hall/ multiplex owners may also be happy as they have to have a deal with only one distributor/ producer…

4. The one screen halls are also trying to make up with this trend by showing more than 2-3 movies per day starting with early morning movies.


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