Thinking of “Uncertainity” is certain to me as it makes sense.  Somethings cannot be taken for granted for being certain as whole. Having self confidence is different than checking out who we are and what we matter in this world, which occurs to be a small dot in the Milky Way Galaxy and which in turn a one of the billion gallaxies out there.. Finally we have landed on the moon. But we forget that already the first and foremost calculations of astronomy in the world were done by us.

One more… Ajeeb Dastaan hain ye ….

Original was sung by Lata Mangeshkar. I heard it again sung by Sakshi – character played by Prachi Desai in Rock On! . It was mom’s favourite song. It still reminds me of her.

The start is ecstatic… Nobody knows from where we have started and where our journey ends!
In this song, the heroine, suggests something that the hero might have left her for someone good.
Actually, after mom left, I felt devastated. Suddenly I had left the home and the feeling of Loneliness came in. It changed me all. As if though, this song still reminds me the circumstances I was in and the way I decided to move through all of them. Suddenly, she was forgotten in all and this song came on a local FM station which suddenly gave the way to tears while I was in the bus travelling to my room. I just forget everthing soon and also couldnt remeber how mom did sing this song. She was a great artist, had done about 500+ stage shows for acting, singing and all other activities a multi talented persona like her can do. then suddenly Orthodox Hinduism came in and her dream of being a professor (already her Prof. was retiring, as she was getting the master’s degree and he had promised her for the post!) was scattered the next day she had the Master’s. Grandpa took all her degree’s & extra cur. cert’s and put them on the stove!

The way the song takes twists so, her life did.

The methods to transfer the knowledge somehow was disturbed and suddenly we were nowehere in the ocean of deep knowledge that was with our last few generations. They came , they conquered and  soon we are getting education, bread & butter in their language. Sanskrit asa a whole has been lost from daily routines.

Links between generations are sometimes lost, giving rise to loss of knowledge due to no transfer. During my Bhuleshwar visit, the pujari there, gave so much information on what was actually carved  in the 12th century, was known to him as the knowledge was transferred between gen to gen.

Our culture sometimes does not permit us to ask why? how? what? and soon the knowledge transfer has been just for the sake of transfer of “data”, the know hows behind this have been disappeared.


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