terrorists prove BCCI right


The decision of BCCI/ Indian officials for not to carry out the India Pakistan Cricket tour has been proven right by the terrorists who started firing at the vehicles varrying SriLankan players.

News are on air for : at least five -six members of the Sri Lankan cricket team have been injured in a shooting incident in Lahore. Some of them have been taken to hospitals oin stretcher’s.

Details can be found out on :



it should be now the first & prime decision of all nations for continuing any sports leagues to abandon ties with this terror- infected nation. US should recheck the funds it has given to this country & where they have invested it.

May be these gunmen have indirectly had some money from it!

In the mean while Indian players must have left a sigh of relief, as Sri Lankan players had occupied their place. This shows that Indians and Sri Lankans or any nations sport persons are one and the same on their (terrorists) front. I dont know why, SL players have gone there, as they in their home nation are having problems with the LTTE.

India has be alert now, as we have Pak on the left, LTTE coming now from bottom


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