the Change in which we still want to “believe”

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The Americans have chosen their first Black president in centuries. Barack Obama has shown them the way they can cope with the current crisis and everybody there hopes that he can do well. Leaving aside his critics who are yet to bounce back on his first speech.

Here in India, we have an altogether different format of Democracy. For the people, by the people and of the people comes into our studies in school and we come to know of the meaning later on starting from the learner’s Driving license.. for a license available for a fee of 30/- we have to shell out a triple amount or more about 100 Rs!

The above Sociology/ Civics term thus comes into our contact. its we who are living with corruption and are “for” for corruption as the money once paid guarantees of the work being done at the same instant.

A friend once said, he had to stop in front of the signal in Germany even if no cars/ bikes were on the signal on the other side of the road, here, nobody cares, if the signal is red or green and everybody is trying to cope up with the speed of the city…. Here he tends to follow the rules but  what about the others who are at his back on the signal ?

Discipline starts from self and ends with self.

So can be believe in the promises of change this age old corrupt leaders, which are given at the eve of the polls and forgotten after the election results are out. The money is of tax paid by us and gets  into tehir pockets through the tenders and falana flana (xyz) things! These xxxx’s lift their tails up before elections showing us as if we are their gods and after elections are over, bark on us showing the signs of rules and regulation which turn as per their will. Awesome.

Can we hope another Obama in making for us in India? I am sure we can. But the sonds and grandsons of the families in this business are/ will be the first nad formost obstacle in this leader’s path. They have got their balots full of votes against money which will inturn lead to money beared by law abiding citizens like us.

IIT’ians, IIMs students have nevertheless shown an interest in creating a new platform for thoughts by forming a party. But the plans cannot be executed without the help of funds. How can they reach to the common man and ask him for a 10 rupee note? if they can ask and get it , I am sure, this confidence bestowed to them by a single common man can take their plans ahead. If a constituency has about 7-8 lacs of people about a 10 to 100 Rupees (0.2 – 2 US$)  of 50% people can contribute to their win.

Lets Hope for the best, this is what we only can at the moment.


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