Delhi 6 revisited



the way the themes in Delhi 6 go.. i am remembering a few after listening the songs..

Bhor Bhaye reminds me of the Natya Sangeet culture we have had before. The eminents singers of yesteryears have been good singers of the Natya Sangeet.

Think of Bharat Ratna – Bhimsen Joshi , Pandit Vasantrao Deshpande, Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki…

The hen giving Golden eggs – Atul Kulkarni as Gobar talks sense…. Bittu’s uncle gives him a couple of dollars instead of a 10 rs. Note…

Rehna Tu and Dil Gira Dafatan are cut in the movie but the tracks are too good and you listen to them again and again.

I had written about ARR copying the Toss with Feathers… but it has been suitably adjusted in filming by Rakesh O Mehra by showing N Y appearing in the same frame as Delhi 6 in Roshan’s dreams. The song starts good with AB Junior aking up having Jama Masjid on one side with Statue of Liberty on the other side. he might want to convey the need of modernization in our day to day lives.. some NYness is required in this old Delhi suburb and some culture required in NY.( like pic above)

Bittu appears in Indian Idol… Anu Malik has got loads of time, think so. He is making so mcuh appearances in flims.. Rock On was another. Haven’t heard him giving music after his deadly “meain Tally ho gayee” and “Love story 2050” ….

What happens to Bittu’s dreams..

The last sequence is so stretched… (The whole kaaala bandar – black monkey theme is) … The MiG plane crash was a small incident in RDB, here its not..!

The climax seems to be Inspired from Harry Potter 7.. when Harry dies he goes into another state where he meets Dumbledore and comes back after sekeing his advice.. here Amitabh becomes Dumbledore and advices Abhishek to go back….


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  1. Namrata says:

    Movie is damn cool.. a must watch… Rakeysh kept his promise of delivering good cinema… Rehman is simply too good. I just loved Delhi6 specially the song MASAKALI supercool picturization as well as music..Tnx ROM and Rahman…..u rockkk..

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