Oscar’s bow to Slumdog


Slumdog finally triumphed in the Oscar glory too ! by winning 8 awardsof the 10 nominations. in came 3 awards, 2 from ARR (AR Rahman, for Best Original Score & Rasul for Sound mixing..

Including the Best Picture,

Best Director,

Best Adapted screenplay..


& Film editing… 

Smile Pinky which is also an Indian flavour film won for Short Subject Documentary.


slumdog film

Congrats to all…

After having seen the film many a times, it captures your emotions again and again just for the sake of the un-ending saga of hope and courage over the constant evil prevailing in today’s society..

Jamal Malik does that and makes others believe that one day you can rise of ashes too!!! The same spirit Lucky shows in Oye Lucky…. Lucky Oye…. when he isnt let in the pub… he says why??? then he sees in (the pub) and gets modernized by wearing a suit and is let in….

These films speak of todays world… U can get everything u want, just dare to dream. Bittu dreams of being an Indian Idol.. in Delhi 6 and like Masakalli, she is caught in the family troubles…

Masakalli flies the skies and she accepts Roshan’s love..


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