Delhi 6 review

 Delhi 6

Delhi 6 is an out and out Bollywood masala flick. A US grandson Roshan played by AB Junior comes with his alining grandmother Waheeda Rehman to this old Delhi locality in Chandni Chowk – Delhi 6 – being its Pin code. The grandson see the life in there, the various -ism’s, the orthodox culture still prevailent, the daughter marries still in the 21st century as per her Dad’s will, the untouchables, etc etc…. I hope these all things still occupy our lives.

The depiction of a black monkey as a symbol of the evil in us is in terms with the Yin and Yang and other similar concepts about the good and bad residing together. The masala is so thick for Delhi 6 that the characters are established less and we are less attracted towards them.

The Ram leela  narrative, the Hindu Muslim connections in different periods of the film are justified but the Kaala bandar incident takes the interest out as it jumps and bumps into the film again and again.

MasakalliRakesh Omprakash Mehra has done agood thing while keeping some of the actors from RDB cast. Waheeda Rehman, Atul Kulkarni and the RJ in RDB to name a few. Rishi Kapoor, AB Junior have got less meaty roles, Sonam Kapoor impresses.



ARR’s music takes the narrative of the movie ahead.

Tears just came once, after Roshan sees the routine friends (forgetting their religions -Hindu, Muslim) fighting for each others lives on the temple issues !! the black monkey too becomes a religious victim. He bieng an outsider becomes angry over this incident and its a soul stirring scene for which the Mother India must have cried again and again for the last many centuries. God take this divisive politics away!!!

Watch it if you want to see the effect of flavour of your city in your daily lives.


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  1. Namrata says:

    its just difficult to forget.. it touched me frm within…picturization and screenplay just fab…I love abhi.. he has tht style tht ths role needs…. Rahman, ROM, Abhi & Sonam perfect team…6/6

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