Bhuleshwar visit

visited the Bhuleshwar mandir yesterday. Its a 12th Century temple carved out of stone and having about a thousand or more statues carved in it.
The temple has many stories carved in it ranging from Mahabharata and Ramayana epics.
The route was Swargate -> hadapsar->Loni- > UruliKanchan-> Yavat-> Bhuleshwar (its towards the right from Yavat ) on Solapur road.
I had no maps and had gone invidually 🙂 which amused my two friends (initally unknown bunch of guys) who met at Yavat. We waited for the public transport to arrive at Yavat for about 1.30 to 2 hrs and finally did have a cabbie called by a lady waiting with us. The temple is too good. Best would be in monsoons.

Then after taking about 200 snaps, (which i will post later) again had to stop for transport in a non populated area for about an hour again!!
then went to Sopandev Maharaaj Samadhi in Saswad. The day was passed too fast (leaving the wait for bus) and had no spare time once I was on the Bhuleshwar hilltop.

keep visiting for the snaps.



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