Decoding Sant Jnaneshwar’s Pasaydaan and Samartha Ramdas’s lines…

the Pasayadana refers to the state of a Yogi…

aata vishwatmake deve| tene vagyange toshave| toshoni maj dyave pasaydaan he||

Jnanadeo refers to His master Nivruttinath, to give him the power (spirit) of the universe, which has to flow through his words coming out of the mouth as a prayer, an offering in a yagna (a prayer to gods recited by injecting fire in square shaped box digged in earth)


je khalanchi vyankati saando| tasa satkarmi rati vaadho| bhuta paraspare jado maitra jivanche||

(God) Let the bad deeds be stalled and desire to do good deeds arise in the souls of people. (God) Let all people be united and there exist a friendship between them. Which is also apparent in their spirits ( a part of Divine Spirit)


duritanche timir jaavo.. vishwa swadharma surye paaho… jo je vanchil to tey laaho | pranijaat||

meaning : let the darkness be thron out of the lives, let people see the eternal Sun in their souls, let all the (good) desires become fruitful of the animals (humans)


varshat sakal mangali ishwar nishtanchi mandiyaali anvarat bhumandali bhet tu bhuta

meaning : the Followers of the Lord come to earth like showers, they are here there and everywhere. If ytou want to reach me (the God in you) seek the guidance of these Spirited souls. The Shishya Guru concept follows as per tradition.


chala kalptarunche aarav chetna chintamaniche gaav bolti je arnav piyushache

meaning : these Spirited souls will take you to the path of the Spirit of the God, the satge where you become one with God and all tensions of the soul are let free.. The same was said to be happened with the help of the Amrut ras. ( elixir of life)


chandrame je alanchan  | martand jey taapheen  | tey sarvahi sada sajjan soyre hotu ||

meaning : The Spirit (of God) looks like a Moon without any dark patches on it, Like a Sun with its glow softened. The Spirit is good to all and takes care of all.


kimbhuna sarva sukhi poornahouni tihi loki bhaji jo adipurukhi akhandit

The most happy and complete soul in this world would be with the one who has attained the above level of oneness with the spirit and he keeps on following it continuously


aani granthopajiviye visheshi loki iye drushtadrushtavijaye hovaweji

Capture all the things which have or have not been mentioned in the holy literature.. be the Lord of all.


yeth mhane ji vishweshvarao ha hoil daanpasavo yenevare jnanadeo sukhiya jhala||

Nivruttinaath, The Master (Guru) of Jnaneshwar is happy with His student’s wish, who instead of asking Good for himself has asked for the good of the world. He says, you are the best giver in the world and I will fulfil your desire as above, After hearing this Jnanadeo is a happy soul, as world would become a better living place.


Above lines also bring to my mind .. the lines we hum again and again…

akra akra bahu akra | kay akra kalechina| gupta tey gupta janawe| anandavanbhuwani,,,

this also refers to being of the Divine Spirit in all. akra is eleven. (11) If we split elevn into two parts numerically : we get 1- the human part ; 1- the Divine Spirit in us, which can be attained through meditation and other ways defined. so above lines mean : we are and He is there, we are and He is there, the love we seek in all our lives lay deep beneath in the Divine sphere…!


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