Newspaper reading.

once in a while, dont know how this happens with me and others 2!
I have a habit of taking time till the last sec for catching the company bus. so while i am packing my bag, i have the yesterday’s, day before yday’s and today’s paper with me. sometimes i find the weeks newpapers bundled  in my scooter’s frontspace. while i read, i do not look into the date of the newspaper and they all seem to be having more information in full details [till they had been printed] based than present tense based e-papers/websites. today one of my colleagues in the bus asked me for the newspaper and i gave him the yesterdays copy. Date didnot make any difference and he was into it for many time duration without knowing that it was an older paper than it was todays. the medium it is, it signifies the presentation of news in a rock solid manner and has been there for many centuries, i guess newspapers will still be here for a long duration due to their responsibility of verifying the news before they come into print. there can be some exceptions though.
this mistiming / confusing others with an old newspaper has also happened before and i guess it keeps on repeating as they say past always seems good to many.. anyways its good have have a timepass buddy like newpaper with you anytime. it always keeps  your desire to know more about the events that occured.
In one of the films I recently saw, Dasvidaniya, the main lead has a desire of having himself on the frontpage of the daily newspaper as one of the ten wishes he wants
to fulfill before passing away. he, i think, satisfies it before dying. the movie was gud, so was Vinay Pathaks acting. It rarely gave time to take out some negatives. a gud watch must say.

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