sometimes dreaming is a deja vu kinda of a feeling… u dream of a condition, some sort of surroundings, a different environment than your daily routine and approve the dream when that something comes into reality. many a times dreams are never realised but they never say themselves that they will prove them right. they are just a way of pleasure of driving your mind in its leisure time to another planet, another home, which you have never dreamt of (its a loop, programming never stoprs interrupting, God!).

Dad had a book of what are the results of your yesterdays dream, will it be good, bad or ugly for you? will it change your luck…

Master says, seeing good people, Gods and saints definitely make your day. sometimes these people just appear. sometimes they speak and sometimes they want them to obey their orders given by them also in the dreams.

Samartha (St.) Ramdas says, think of the world being a dream (of God) where we are his kids and the belongings we have are shells and conches we are playing… what you say of yours, isn’t, what your partner’s say of their’s isn’t bcoz the worldly existence is just a dream of the creator, it flourishes as per his will nad it will end 2 as per his will. so try calling him from now on and dont get locked in this day dreaming…


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