Billu (Barber) is finally releasing today

The way SRK  spoke his words in Luck by Chance, he has to keep them alive, by living as per his own set of conditions of popularity (Insanity is the word in LBC) and he knows to handle it well.

The word Barber created a problem for his home production and he was pretty successful in marketing it without any cost! cool going. Now a days, the media is responding to any small news like this and creates a gaint out of it.

Delhi 6 has moved to next week, as the past two & curent week have had already some good films coming (the producers might think so!), Luck by chance, DevD and now Billu.

The 26/11 issue is now in backseat and billu has gained popularity coz of the insult it has done to a particular working class. Co-incidentally, the same trick was previously used by Aamir for Ghajini, some guy coming in between to put a stay on the film’s release. What happened to the Telgi Case, whats the progress in the Malegaon case makes no sense to us. Long live our freedom, where we are unable to see the news of utmost importance, but we are spoon feeded with what the channel- wallah’s want to gain popularity with.

Finally, also the SaReGaMaPa Li’l champs did come to an end after a long journey. The kids can relax now. I am a no fan of this celebrity and live stage shows and the means by they judge a participant seems always biased.


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