Delhi 6 music- A R Rahman gets Inspired!

well masakalli is already creating waves and retained  number one slot.. I have heard the song ” Dil gira dafatan..” again and again and found that a piece used by A R Rahman is the same tune of a Nora Jones concert Irish Folk Tune which I have seen / heard many times and couldnt miss the similarity. Toss the feather is the track name if I am not mistaken..

may be it would be unjust to say ARR has used this piece of music but it doesn’t get caught until and unless, u have heard this song many a times.

Delhi 6, Bhor bhaye are  good tracks rest all seem to be trying to cope up with the benchmark set up by himself y RDB songs and this time it fails.

I have been a fan of ARR from childhood, since his Roja days not to miss the Muqable song which was a tremendous hit at that time.

My view is personal and based on the observations and purely un-intentional.


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  1. Vishal says:

    Copy, coincidence and inspiration… they all have very thin boundaries and it’s difficult to judge what is what.

    You have been a Rahman fan since childhood, you (we all) know that Rahman never copied (I am not counting the free samples of music that are available on the web – like the one that he used in that Muqabala song, and also not counting adaptation of folk tunes – like Chhaiya Chhaiya) — what makes you think that all of a sudden, after all those years, Rahman awoke one morning and decided said to himself ‘LET’S COPY SOME MUSIC!’?

    At least, based on his track record, you should consider giving him a benefit of doubt. He deserves it.

    I haven’t heard the Nora Jones song that you’ve mentioned – but I am pretty sure that any similarities (if they exist at all) are purely coincidental.

  2. shekharonline says:

    Hi Vishal

    co-incidence is another thing. btw, u hv already given an example Chayya Chayya..we had also sync’ed O Humdum Suniyo re..with Everybody by Backstreet boys.. There’s another in Slumdog. Ringa Ringa which is actually a version of Khalnayak’s hit song choli ke piche kya hain?

  3. Rums says:

    Well, a part of the BGM in the first half of the movie (do not exactly remember the scene considering what a torturous ordeal watching the whole movie was ) was a direct lift from Ennio Moricone’s Cinema Paradiso… Direct.

  4. bagirath says:

    dude are you referring to the toss the feathers by corrs? I dont find a 1% similarity to the song ur metioning!

    1. shekharonline says:

      i thought it plays in the background when some music starts in between the lyrics.

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