slumdog millionaire

although its a semi hit in India, i had a DVD of it about three weeks bfore its release in India and should say it was too good. the music was already available as alwys some weeks bfore on . I do not intend to advocate piracy, but the thing is you cannot cope up with the measures the pirates are succeeding in day to day world. then there are youtube and torrent sites. you just cant save your movie from these guys.

actually, saw Luck by chance which was i think directly broadcasted from a satellite as they (UFO movies) suggested.

slumdog is a good attempt by Danny Boyle, although i havnt seen his previous flicks, i would say he’s a genius with the filmy media. the use of colors, the way captures the kids, the younger bro’s and then the elder versions of salim and jamaal is just superb. although most of the film is eaten by the masala provided by the news channels in our daily life, i think Vikas Swaroop must have used it well to be mirrored in Simon Beaufoy’s screenplay.

ARRahman is growing in terms of fan base and last week saw a Paris fahion week being conducted with Jai Ho! & O Saya …………. in background. ARR music is just- Absolute delight to the ears!

Some scenes should have been like….

who is on a 1000 note? should have been asked as who was on the OLD 1000 note…. answer would have been different.

the Fanaa song from Yuva, again sung by ARR has been shown on TV screen of Mahesh Manjrekar, whereas the audio is of “Aaj ki raat” from the latest version of Don (The chase begins) of SRK…. but the dirctor has filmed it so well, the audience unknown to Hindi cinema cannot even think of it.

Jai ho adds the Bollywood flavour to slumdog.

it was luck by chance for Channel 4 for getting this novel rights for a film as it was in news that about 10 producers & directos were in line for it & even SRK rejected the role of Anil Kapoor, which was offered to him!!


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