running backwards

the way life goes ahead, we become more and more responsible and get attracted towards the center of the web, like one woven by the spider. the way out is nowhere and there are many ways to get into it. occassionally, if one sits down in his/ her individual time and tries to think upon what was the initial goal thought of pursuing and what compromises have been made later we would faint! the evryday life has a hell lot to do with comprmises and we cannot sustain without them. those who succeed without compromising on their goals intially have to face the flak but later when they emerge victorious evrybody wants to be like ’em without the pain and agony they have faced.
As they say, success never has shortcuts and the road to success is always under construction!
In Luck by Chance, the protagonist offers one advice to his girlfriend.
“success and failure are not the results, they are the things which we chosse to result into!”
bye for now.
5 Feb post from Live a/c.

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