lucky by chance

by luck got a ticket to watch luck by chance yesterday… was an average movie but with a gud script and better performances..
somehow it appeared that the audiences were distracting in between by whistling and all….
the  songs are not taht gud hwever the acting sidelines the songs and they just come in as fillers in between of a few sequences!
Shankar Ehsann Loy could have done better, but the songs are like of the old lot & so the tunes dont attract…
AR Rahman is the new flavour of the muscial season and his Delhi 6 is into news again…
That muvie also seems promising as AB junior in the lead role.
Luck by chance didnt end up getting me lucky as i wanted this film to be a more btter one like Rock On! but as it goes, the expectations are left so i need to get tickets for some new muvies again, hahaha
Jan 31 post on my Live account

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  1. andythewonder says:

    1 euro lottery to win a supercar (maserati)

    This is a brand new idea !

    Lucky by chance ? True……………..but cheap at least.

    Check it out and tell me what you think !

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