Dev D

Dev D is a new take of Devdas created by Saratchandra Chatterjee and now imagined in a new avatar by Abhay Deol, while he was in NY. This Dev D is Devinder and the movie leaving some things asides entertains. Saw with a friend who has come from Scotland for enjoying his holidays. Co-incidence was… both Dev & my firned have done their Masters from UK and so the dialogues on Dev the character were quite humorous for Rahul….!!!!
The story is as simple as that.. a boy falls in love with his childhood gf and he accidently turns the offer down once as the girl is a child of his father’s factory assistant and when he confronts with an ego of being “class”ically above her family. She unites with an old man quite elder to her and already with kids. Dev beomes a serial drug addict and a drinker to the core…and ultimately end to find a friend in a brothel.
In the original one, the hero dies due to alcohol addiction, where as Abhay has twisted the end in the latest flick and which ends with a positive note.
February 09 entry

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  1. Sourav Roy says:

    The story of Devdas is a ready-made platform for endless psycho-analysis and study of contemporary social framework. The original tale relied on the notions of platonic love whereas Dev D is about physical love. It relies on on-face shock value! Devdas is a coward who is defeated by the social prejudices and carries the guilt throughout his life. He drinks in order to forget his cowardice. Dev D and all the other characters of Kashyap’s tale aren’t influenced by the social norms. Both stories thereby reflecting their specific era.

    The character sketching is unique. Dev is played to near perfection by Abhay Deol, whose performance is quiet and confident. Paro (Mahie Gill) is no more the sacrificial damsel who lives physically and mentally with different men. Kashyap also maintains the audience’s distance from the characters using the brilliance in script and smooth editing. He never allows us to sympathize with the characters, thereby shifting the focus from one to the other- a rare work of imagery, indeed!

    I strongly feel Kashyap could have gone with a better actress for Chanda (Kalki Koechlin). Chanda’s part was not exploited well. The psychological impact of the whole mms incident on her which leads to the suicide of her father never showed up. It was a perfect opportunity to tell the world about the feelings of a girl, and all the hardships she goes through because of one mms!


    1. shekharonline says:

      agreed with the comparisons. the 3 famous ones have been of Dilip Kumar, SRK and now Abhay Deol and each one seems to be from a different lot of directors. Its actually the psychology of the character of Devdas which sinks him, rather leaves him to die; else there are many in day to day life who get to face the same but the guys produce better results ~ by conquering the negative emotions.

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