coming week

well this note should be a convincing one for my readers!
In many a days i havent posted anything!
well, letme tell u that the last month has been a very busy month for me.
still, a few convincing points for the above statement.
I shifted the room and resulting mess is still to be managed , though I have cleaned up the mess.
most of it.
i have been busy so much that i hv lost the routine in gymming and excercising,
the chest is in, belly out. it looks so oldie, goldie style.
after the teeth have been removed fever, body pains, etc etc –
these have taken grip of me again n again in last 2 months.
chasing like hell.
wkends come and go and no time  left as was attending college for the last two weeks,
before that weekend I think I was in the city for Purshottam Cups final.
this competition injects some youth charm back in you.
highly recommended.
( 1st weekend of Oct went @ Wadi, where I had went with Rahul.

2nd and third have gone in the college for MCA )

And rains were disrupting the weekends as one of them I flew to wakad to get locked
in the rains and no getting out till they have stopped.
of the seven days of the week, I have now none left for me.
of Sundays, i have got only a few hours for leisure.
ohk, ohk this is not to compete with busi-ness of Bachchanji, but I can feel his pains 🙂
It was good that Sachin completed his mark of highest scorer in all recent forms of cricket
leave aside 20-20. again proved that He’s great! 
The busy’ness is getting me nervous so much that on Monday my head was aching and had few temp.
also. so went on ahead for watching Rock on and it really Rocked!!!!! 10/10 to farhan Akhtar.
Though I am not here for the last week of Oct, I wish you all a VERY VERY HAPPY DIWALI.
I will visit to Washim (a place of Balaji) , Dads native place, where my Eldest paternal uncle lives. 
Trip starts from Parbhani, as no tickets are available now @ 11 hr.
Then to Deulgaon Raja (a place of Balaji) + Chikhali , Then if possible Mahoor, for Renuka Devi.
If possible to both Jalgaon Khandesh & Jalgaon Jamod (Moms native place, where my Maternal uncle lives)

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