day today

the site domain name has been purchased by auro.
now had a serious talk with dani.
he said just be patient, rest will follow.
the thinking worm in me is never silent.
rather it was created for it.
and that makes me think differently everytime.
ya, know that there are just three dimensions for a thing happening
but i would like rather to add a fourth dimension.
of a spectator.
but this spectator some times comes back in control
of the first three dimensions and there comes a problem.
i, you and he are all illusions.
rest is true.
bcoz the sense of being is an illusion (is fake) and is always temporary.
it never lasts. nor did our childhood, school days, college days and now youth.
25 years have passed on and we are where we were ..
theres nothing rocking and nothing changing.
and now i will be back to the room.
again loose control and like in the movie matrix,
be a part of matrix, rather than being away from it.

but the thing in reality is, matrix is an illusion
so deep is the illusion that being in the matrix its tough to get to its creator!!

In the movie, they (wachowosky brothers ) werent able to depict the creator in a gud way..
and the questions and answers.. they should read our Puranas in details instead to get the clear cut ideas.

scooters lying with a puncture, so am i.
rather get a great weekend now and need to refresh self.
thinking of going single to a place where i get into deeper self again.
no thoughts and nothing.

who am i?

where the quotesion will be no more.

movies are pending man.

A wednesday, rock on
mumbai meri jaan
and lotta more.

but they make me crazy when i come out of the theatre.
bcoz there limit ends there. and the ‘me’ is preserved again.
this coat of self is difficult to be lost, the identity folows the body and mind evrywhere.

vene though you are kept into shunyavastha (zero mind state) where the feeling of me is lost for a good amount of time.
The shunyavastha stays for a long time, while we follow our sub conscious mind.

When consciousness comes back, that is very feeling of self comes out rather strongly after a great amount of time, shunyavastha is lost.

so consciousness is back… and you r into trouble.

dad has been transferred agai, this time to Mumbai..

asked me how he can susstain the busy life there, i didn’t have an answer, but said just pray, the more the better!!


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