day bfor yday continued yday…

in continuation with the thoughts of yesterday…
today same thoughts came in..
rather wickedly.

sometimes somebody needs a gud amount of help from me and i m so long sitautaed from the city
that i have to just watch all the proceedings so dumbly that i am angry with all the things going on.

the other way round when i am in desperate need of a frd in time, nobody arrives.
saint ramdas writes that the individual who depends on others for completion of his works
has rather put a hammer on his owns legs and created a big deals on trouble for himself.

mir arrived day bfor yday and we frds had a dinner together with his mom and dad yday evng.
we met a Engg. diploma  batchmate who had her bday yesterday.
she was so disturbed (as per many of us) for not being able to offer us anything at that point of time,
she smsed one of us many times. but it was midnight tiill we had our supper or dinner .. whatever…

god knows whats next in stre for us and we would rather feel good with bright hopes..
but the struggle is dampening our will power and rather disturbing the faith in him..

by faith i remember, day bfore ysterday, i laerned to write shiva in chinese.
and today i have started practicing for chandrashekhar. its amazzzing!!

yday was amazing as i got to call the sisters college and know her result.
the problem is the reslut hasnt landed in her hands even though we know it, but the hard copy is important!!
may be if we cna collect it on monday, on the smae day, they are dispatching it form the office.

tha link between the above thoughts and the results incident is..
sister and dada tried to call me, dada even sms’ed me.
but the sms didnt come as a message rather like a network message and suddenly when i recd  a call frm gurbachan
i came to know that both of them are trying to call me, till the office had closed.
think u should get the link now…

wkends here… hope to have sometime off from the city if wather and frds permit.
lets c. hope for the best and plan for the worst..

happy wkend, shkhar


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