thoughts n thoughts

yesterday was  a ok-ok day.
saw the movie on SRK – Inside & outside in the night!
hes a gud guy, a damn hard worker.
lost his parents early, so left Delhi, for mumbai.
a thought goes ….
daat ho tab chane nahi milte
aur chane jab milte hain tab..etc etc..

whatta moronic thought.

this thing happened to SRK too.

being a star like him, is great feeling.
he says he has got 3 personalities..

i think its so ridiculous.
the same ways it was in HP series.
change the form of a thing in a Ridiculous way.

evrybdy must be having an inner self and an outer self.
and the problem lies in between them.
when you decide to follow one & the only one,
which ever it may be, the other one comes in the way, trying to protect its identity and on the same line,
that persons identity.

identity never exists, its created.
i m me becuase of my exterior me, the one which has been shaped by thoughts and actions of hndered may be even thousands of people surrounding me.
sometimes its very difficult for me to not to recognize people as i know i have met this guy/gal somewhere or the other part in my life.

take an example .. on the ganesh chaturthi day,
i saw many faces which i recognized quickly, but those people didnt.
sad. memory creates a havoc for me.

suddenly, then i feel in school or college days i was too famous and now people dont bother.
strange but SRK feels the same.
he thinks he would rather feel sad if 25000 people in front of the stage wont cry out his name aloud.

thats the outer me.
inner me is silent.

another personality test( and my result like i always knew is.
moderately expressed introvert

moderately expressed intuitive personality

moderately expressed feeling personality

slightly expressed judging personality


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