eye opener!!

death has taken its toll and its so sad …
we cant touch the feet of our master for 10 days or more.
i am feelings its a tough decision for us, as its Masters feet, all heavens are present.
I am nervous again.

n single 2!
as Abhijit has left the room from Sunday.
He has created a mess, man.
This guy promises that he’ll pack up in the last week, but he hadnt made sure abt the time when he would actually pack up things.
no planning and things are in hell.

dont know how he has managed the things,
but the final mess was removed yesterday evening and all the garbage was sent outside the room, but still in the premises. Devastating thing.
Even though, I would have done the same things,
here is how i would have differed,

I would have planned things first before goin into the 11th hour, of the last day.
did things by managing some frds to have some time off for this planning in the last week.
actually shifted with the help of these friends before the last day.
and then while leaving the room would have managed the mess on the last day

and things do change in terms of times.

he is and was busy, i am as always, not.

Ganpati Maharaaj will be in tomorrow.
last yr I had gone for Ganpati bappa with Ghassi on the eve of Chaturthi.
on Chaturthi, took the Ganpati to Pbs home with Guru.
it was fun, lets see what happens @ wakad this time.

I am surely, in no mood to celebrate, but as they say, acting acc to situation is must.

yesterday went to Gurus home for dinner and had a ‘bharpet’ thing, in no gud mood, agian follwed the above princi.
but the agraha made me eat more and my health is being affected again and agian by over-eating.

tc, cu again.


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