god tussi great ho…

god tussi great ho…
little did I know that what was intended solely from me…
Gary came day before yday on the room and asked me to convert the Gurucharitra (Bible of Dutta followers!)  chapter number 14 into Hindi.
I was stunned by the idea and now awestruck after its completion 🙂
I do not have a mastery over all the three languages i know.
The i is kept small to have a fewer of no feeling of egoness..
(nazre milana nazrein churana .. kahi pein nighahen kahi pen nishana.. is playing from back )
I loved this movie.. i think many loved this. Good cult fan following for AK (aamirbhai re!)
No doubt he is the number one trend maker in Bwood today.
so, when gary came, I was writing my hard copy diary. (not to forget that this is my soft form of diary…)
He suddenly took it from my hand, i just asked him to read the 2-3 recent pages not the old ones as I do wrtie
some interesting experineces in day to day life.
I may be biased towards somesone, but I do try to write as a spectator of things goin on.
(without this masala i think life is a junk thing or a waste)
so he took me by surprise after asking me to translate the GC chapter 14 and I after no second thoughts about it ; started converting it into hindi.
words followed, sentences written down, it was 12.15 in the night and i left the chpaters last verses for yesterday. yesterday did come and go but the thing was definitely completed.
many changes were made and the translation was completed yesterday itself.
and again for giving me this rare previlige I want to thank HIM & God again, O god tussi great ho…

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