Last weekend!!

Wednesday was boring..
I was lying in bed due to fever & had a severe headache.
finally went for JTJN in the afternoon!

a good weekend with some exceptions!!
this wkend started rather earlier…on thursday itself.

for good reasons – to have a chill pill.

thursday ended at the evening, thanks to god for coming to me in face of vishal
he had left magarpatta for pimpri & i was going to the room after the work
we met @ fatima nagar, front of Big Bazaar.
me waiting for a bus for half an hour, andd getting no help!
then came in vishal!

he left me @ swargate, from where I flew for workout.

Then to wakad, by bus!! husssh!!

friday morning was gud, I saw Pursuit of Happyness.
gud work by Will Smith.
then saw some stuff from OSO, then loose control……!!
left for city @ 5pm
met with bro @ balgandharv @6pm
Interesting that we talked more than at home. that 2 outside!!

then for workout and to Uncle’s place.
actually Saturday was meant for a small trip day, I later came to know.
there was also a Lunar eclipse on that day.

I took loads of snacks for Sat’day by the day end.

On Saturday, I woke up late.
Then rush & rush…. had raksha bandhan in the morning.
I thought of a rare gift, but that would come later on the day.

trip begins finally @ 9.15 am with 5 people leaving for Balaji Temple..abt 40 kms from City.
We had darshan, stopped @ Kailash bhel near Khed Shivapur on the highway.

Rushd back till 3pm. had a nap later on. Couldn’t sleep either!!

Anushthana @ on the go from 3.55 pm.
fruits, snacks, flowers, betelnut leaves, mails and a gift for Sis!!

sureshot i was going to be late… anyhow reached in time.

& the gift was a Helmet!!! and few chocolates for the occassion.
The day ended while I enjoyed having  feast of Davangiri dosa.
Stomach’s paining a lot & mind is disturbed due to the stress & the strain.

Sunday… comes @ 10 am in the morning..

no breakfast; direct lunch @ uncles place..
that too after the morning’s treatment should be controlled.
My tea habit is on the rise; partly due to the tensions!!
7-8 cups a day 🙂

Waiting for the shravan to end as my eating habits would be back with a bang!
No eggs in this month please. And fasting!!!

In the morning Meditated after a hell lotta gap…minds get imbalanced & souls impatient, agitated…oh god whats that?

The day ends @ Pizza Hut…and I go to sleep again….


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