today in life

gone are the days…
guru is facing trouble due to his decision of pursuing CCNP after CCNA, still no calls.
He called back in the aftrenoon. The day Shekhi  passed the degree he just gave a call to Kedarda.
Later on Kedarda said that the market condition is volatile and take future steps carefully.
The conditions deteriorating,  its difficult to guess whats next ahead of us!!
Russia bombed neighbouring Siberia and some bells rang in mind that the first two wars which started from the same USSR.
Critical thing Shekhi guesses.
The reality which seems real is it so?
One thing that comes to my mind is Shekhi call home say about 3 times a week..
when his dad was @ Dubai, what was the case?
did he write letters so often from there on? did he write @ all ?
Shekhi doesnt has the guts to go and ask him but the things seems strange.

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