Sunday- Was a fun day

on 10th of August, KKakas programme fiinished with great spirits.
The main guest , Mr Ram Sathye is a good orator, an actor, a doctor!!
He took a whole deal of History related to Samartha and also took 6 shlokas from Manache Shloka.

I am feeling a bit of flue, coz I was travelling about the whole sunday in rains.
In the morning, visited the Morayawada @ chinchwad, then got back to home.
Then not stopping @ home got to ABC with dad @ the backseat.
Left him there after having tea together.
Back to room. Abhi was there, still to bath.
So I took that warm water!!
It felt good after facing 2-3 hours of rains.

Purchased flowers in the afternoon, still raining.
I am amazed by the way the dams fill up so fast, almost every dam is fully filled up after Sundays rains.

Two things I would like to mention here:
In the morning I thought of having a great deal of Paav bhaji in the hotel.
But @ the room Abhi was there. So I needed to get to go @ his mess.
Paav bhaji..!!!

after the programme, pb was with us @ Kakas place.
so, he was giving a party of his wedding.
And again it was a paav bhaji!!! @ Jayshrees.

Oh My God!!!
The next thing is Guru was asking to call Rahul, as Rahul had conveyed before to call
after 10.30 in the night.

The time was exact, but there wasnt a link between the two karmas.
Result, was we’re unable to call as server was down 🙂

And when I reached the room, in came Rahuls message :

I have worked in excess. No time to call, will call on Wednesday morning.. JJRS
Oh My God!!! What a co-incidence


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