Gods Grace

the sky was the limit & it seems so…. frds are busy emailing their congratulation on having cleared the BCA and starting over yet agian @ MCA.

Thank God as always, I thank HIM again for getting me the opportunity to have the degree and clear the exams with great grades.

Yesterday was a comparison day and I looked that what I have lost and what I have gained in the past few years. While God’s grace continues, I might have another masters degree in three years of great- long period but know that its too few for gettiing a hard earned degree with (not-so) consistent efforts but with certain amount of hard work.

O God.. Thank You for all the support.

I know that u r always besides me, whatever the situation may be!!

And beyond all I do not want to compare anything now as I know as you take the care of the rest of the Universe, you still have a look on this messy- vibrating-humming -buddy thing!!

As St. Jnaneshwar Mauli writes, Let there be light in the Darkest corners!!

Let Light prevail over Darkness.



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